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The high quality is our promise, Oriental Food Express Ltd pay more attention to the quality of raw materials, such as fresh flour, fresh vegetables and fresh meat which must be under BRC food standards control. We take pride on our accumulated technology and product innovation of the decade. We introduced the “No MSG” soup dumplings and buns series to the UK and European markets in 2011. Many of our customers are consuming these products to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and enjoying the benefits.

Handmade dumplings originated in China which are loved by Chinese all around the world. However, hand-making of dumplings is slow and unsanitary, hence no longer meeting the demand of new generations. We specialize in using modern automatic dumpling machines to produce the highest quality and healthy foods demanded in Chinese gourmet. Not only do we make the traditional Chinese gourmet, but we also wish to share it to everyone around the world. The sharing of the gourmet and inheriting the tradition is the spirit of our company. We do believe that the Oriental Food Express Ltd will be loved all around the world just like the Chinese Kung Fu and Panda.

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